Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Monday, April 1, 2013

Engineered Design Solutions Announces Latest Technological Development to be Included in Upcoming CadTempo Release 6.0.

Engineered Design Solutions Announces Latest Technological Development to be Included in Upcoming CadTempo Release 6.0.

Patrick Hughes, owner of Engineered Design Solutions said on Monday he is very pleased that his team of advanced time analyticians recently discovered a means of bending the time-space continuum in a way never before thought to be possible, for that matter never before conceived. Hughes described how two years and one week and four days (+/- a few hours and a minute or two) from now the team will contact the late Albert Einstein (a somewhat well regarded theoretical physicist) via a tubular-parallel space tunnel and in a collaborative effort will return on this date to make history as has never been made before. To clarify, Hughes continued, "this has never, ever been done in the history of mankind, that is, we are saying our technology allows us to travel into the future and in the blink of an eye return to the exact original point in time and space (within a precision of a few hours and a couple of minutes...oh and one or two furlongs). We now have the ability to announce history before it is even made - we no longer need to wait for it to happen" This is being forecast to be a great time saver.

Hughes goes on, mumbling a quote from Winston Churchill: "The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see." It was this quote that inspired us to look into new ways of exploring the past and now allows us to make determinations of the present day which of course is the future of the past. It is truly incredible.

Technical details are sketchy at this moment but the attached rendering (see below) depicts the core instrument that plays an integral part of this discovery. CadTempo 6.0 allows the CAD time analyst to include in its time tracking, a user's childhood engagement with the widely popular Etch a Sketch CAD hardware. This backward look is as far back as we have been able to peer into the history of a CAD user, quipped Hughes, but it provides us with a glimpse of today. It makes no difference if the user's first experience with this CAD training device was 20 years ago or 40 years ago.

Asked why this news is being released at this late hour of the day Hughes responded: Today, April 1st is notoriously known as the day pranksters ply their trade with falsities and foolishness, we decided it was best to allow these events to take place and run their course before our proclamation of these glorious achievements. We felt it was so important to world at large that the gravity of our news had the opportunity to be taken in the light of seriousness and not overshadowed by the tricks.